Cost of Living in Hangzhou

Hi everyone,

I really hope someone can shed some light for me. I am possibly moving to HangZhou in August of this year with my husband and son.

I need to know what the cost of utilities would be per month - water, gas, electricity, internet etc?

Could someone please assist?

Thank you!

Not a single reply... and this was supposed to be a site that had so much info and  help. SIGH.

Patience is a virtue and it is the weekend. Why not go online and use our friend Google ???? Plenty there to choose form.
  try this site

Hi WingZA,

We are moving to Hangzhou in September. What work will you be doing there?
My cousin and his wife with their daughter has been living in China since July last year and they are living off his wife's salary (RMB 12000) which is more than enough for them to live comfortably. So if your concerns are if you will be able to survive and save, you most probably would depend on where you eat and live in the city.

Hope this helps.  :)


FYA you are asking this question during CNY. That is Chinese New Year. Everything is shut down. Everyone has gone home, and all factories, schools, and just about everything is shut down. China is a ghost town. No one is going to answer your queries. They are too busy eating and drinking and playing at the various KTV's.

Now, that things are starting to get back to normal, things are easing up.

FYI. Your costs will depend on your expenses, which in turn will depend on your lifestyle. If you like cheese, Starbucks Coffee, and Western style meals it could get to be expensive. I would suggest you go native, and try to blend in with the culture.

You will need to study a little about China first. This is 2018, it is the Year of the Dog. I would suggest you start there and look up you, your husbands, and children's Bazi. Then search for an apartment using the basic fengshui guidelines. A dog year can be great... if you are prepared.

You guys are off to experience a new adventure. Congratulations. But realize that the culture will be quite different from what you are accustomed to. Be open and accepting and you will do just fine.

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