Starting Factory in Saigon

Hi everyone
I am looking to start factory in saigon and we wanna do cosmetics like makeup manufacturing in saigon
I know i must go to law firm to get all the info  :D but i was thinking to consult you guys .
So what do you think ?
what should i prepare ? also 100% private owned foreign business or Vietnamese partner ?
and if i need vietnamese parter where can i find one ? :unsure haha i know its hard to find someone can be trusted but i believe in these kind of forums to get info and seek relationships throw it .
I would like to hear from you guys with all regards

for more info plz contact me privately


I'm Darshaka from Sri Lanka
Have a been live in Vietnam past 10 years
I'm work for garment industry as a technical manager . I can speak Vietnamese language well . currently I'am work for one buyer in UK.
and I have free time 2-4 days each week .
If you interest I can help you to whatever do you need full from Vietnam for your future business . if interest kindly contact me

Thanks and Best Regards
Darshaka Fernando

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i think better you should find partner Vietnamese and run it for a while, when everything under control so you can manage it by only yourself.
I'm Vietnamese and running my own knitwear manufacture for 10 years so I can help a little bit, inbox me.


have you started a company already? Custometics company is a good one here and you can do it 100% Foreign owned, although the Tax would be a little High but you dont need to worry about anything at all.

Just a Thought.

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