Legal Advice: Can I rent a room from the current tenant?

I've just moved in and I'm working in Singapore. I saw a room for rent from a post on a Facebook renting group, the author is the current tenant of the apartment. He has rented the who apartment and willing to share a common room. Is it legal to pay the money to the current tenant without making any contract with the property owner? Thank you!

Sub letting is not always acceptable to the landlord so I have to suggest it's a bad idea unless the landlord is aware.

Thank you for your warning!

Sub letting is quite common in SG due to sky rocket house rental price, so bachelors do stay in a sub letting unit, even many low income foreigners with their families. But, it is also common that most of cases no legal agreement between the current tenant and the sub-tenant. So, your risk is that if owner will know and ask both the tenant and you to leave then you need to find out another place in a short notice.

If you want to be certain of your status, you should
- check with HDB whether the flat owner is allowed to rent it out
- check with the owner whether the main tenant is allowed to sublet
- sign a written rental contract with the main tenant.

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