Processing time for job permit and visa for MSC employer

My employer has an MSC status and has started the process of visa and work permit for 2 years  last week. Can you please tell me how much time will it take and what are the things I need to know.

I am also looking to share a flat with Indian flatmates around KL Sentral. Any leads will be appreciated.


Allow up to 2 months for processing through to getting the Visa With Reference from your local Malaysian consulate. This allows you to enter Malaysia with the purpose of working.

Flat sharing website is

thank you @Gravitas. From my sponsor in KL, they told me that it'll take just 3-4 weeks (since they have this special MSC status)and they have applied for EP/visa last week.

Also, i have looked at ibilik but my query is more around what would be a good deal for a fully furnished room near Sentral. Also, my office would be in Sentral, so what are the areas that i should target.

Again, thanks a lot!

But you are an Indian national so need security clearance and visa with reference so it takes longer to process. Not sure if you need a medical as well which some types of visa also need. But do keep the forum informed on timing. There are also public holidays coming up which usually delay.

Plan to live along train lines into Sentral or in Brickfields itself

A room will cost rm1-1.5k per month

Thank you... I'll keep this posted updated!

I checked with my HR yesterday and it looks like the current status is "In MDEC-Verification stage".

1. Can someone let me know how much more time till i go and collect visa from Mumbai?

2. Also, is endorsement done after entering Malaysia or beforehand?


1. Difficult to say how long but it is really at an early stage and not yet sent to immigration department for decision and VDR processing.

2. If employer applied for VDR at same time as starting the recruitment process, that is good. If not add another month for them to apply.

3. The VDR (single entry visa) is endorsed in India at the Malaysian consulate.

4. The employment pass has to be endorsed within 30 days of arriving in Malaysia on the VDR.

5. It's Thaipusam so public holidays and also Federal Day this week. This means backlog will be building up.

The average time for a recruitment is 2 MONTHS

Hi Gravitas,

I am south african and my sponsoring company has indicated that it will take between 4 - 6 weeks to process my EP. I just wanted to enquire if a VDR is also required and if all the same processes apply as for Indian nationals?

I think South Africans can enter just with the Authorization Letter from ESD* database. They do need to be outside Malaysia before that Letter is released (i.e. during completion of Stage I of the recruitment - which is where the company obtains permission to recruit from the various sectoral authorizing bodies and Immigration Dept.)

Exception is Professional EP Category III - everyone needs a VDR

*Expatriate Services Division

@ Gravitas, thanks, do you the processing time is realistic. I have submitted all the relevant docs incl having them CTC by Malaysian embassy in South Africa. I do know that the company has to apply to have the position put on the ESD data base as it doesnt exist there. Just a little concerned at the moment having already started the relocation process on the SA end.

It is a little premature because there is no guarantee immigration will approve the recruitment.

4-6 weeks seems about right from reports. I would say without the VDR then 3-4 weeks might be achievable.

There are quite a few official holidays at the moment which can slow things down.

There are lots of different levels of actions and authorizations before immigration even get involved. This is why it takes time for each entity to convene and review the application from their point of view and terms of reference.

Thanks for the info Gravitas, its much appreciated,  think I have placed myself in a very uncomfortable position re the premature relocation plans...........

UPDATE: very frustrating but it turns out that my EP got rejected and was re submitted last week itself by our HR in KL. There is no transparency to check the status from my side which is adding to the pain.

Did HR tell you why it was rejected. That's important to see what the future holds

Hi Gravitas,

Just GOT confirmation from the HR that they just received approval for the position (application was done a week ago) and will be submiting the application for the EP and dependent passes today. Does this mean phase 1 of the process is complete? Indications from the ESD website is that it should take nother 5 days, is this correct?

No Stage I only starts when they make the EP application. It just means the position has been placed in the ESD database.

A position can be approved but then the proposed candidate to fill it also has to be approved.

You are basically now entering Stage I

Can't put a time limit it as there may be documents missing (or immigration can request further documents) and HR must show your experience fully matches the job you are being proposed for.

Thanks Gravitas, think i just need to wait it out now.........

Hi Gravitas, it had something to do with affixing passport number with RM 10 revneue stamp which is sorted now and re submitted. They have said i should expect the final status by thursday.

GOOD NEWS: EP came through! will need to visit mumbai (Malaysian consulate) now. Do i need to carry any specific docs other than confirmation letter and passport?

one more question, someone told me that i cannot leave malaysia for 6 months for tax benefits? is this true?

Yes: … uired.html

There are several tabs with information on different aspects

ambarish.karve :

For SEV endorsement I have submitted 2 photos with white background in 3.5 X 5 cm., confirmed air ticket, two copies of passport bio pages, VDR approval letter received from Malaysia immigration department and two DD of HDFC bank. One is 1000 rs & one is 4720 rs.

As you arrive so early in the year you can easily achieve the 182 days within the calendar/tax year of 2018 to be tax resident. But the quicker you do so, the quicker taxation of 28% flat rate is changed to graduated rates

You can see the tax rates once tax resident here: … ooklet.pdf

The issue that affects people who join in the second part of the calendar year is about linking tax years (Jan-Dec) to get max benefit.

Thanks Gravitas for this info.  At first, I didn't realize that i have to apply for visa myself which will take another 7 days.

Now, going ahead with visa process.

Congratulations Ashwani. Today I also got my EP approved and now would apply for entry visa.

Yes, it's up to the holder of the VDR request letter to submit it to the Consulate. The link above is a company that can do it for you. I just use their link because it has some good information on it (Thanks to Ambarish) In addition, I cut and pasted from the same process above. 

Hopefully from the website link you can see whether you need the original VDR approval or not. Some cases one or two copies are needed.  Just be sure you have the VDR letter and not just an approval of the EP (They are different and you need the VDR one to proceed).

Important ** - EP approval is not the same as VDR approval. Companies somtimes wait for the EP approval before even applying for the VDR paperwork.

I got both EP and VDR approval letter from the agency.

Hi Gravitas,

Can you please clarify on the last point? How do i know if it is a VDR approval letter or EP?


i think both (EP confirmation and VDR approval)approvals might be in the same letter. The last paragraph says:

Malaysian Embassy / Consulate / High Commission:
Please issue a Reference Visa for the above applicant, quoting the reference number above.
eXpats Service Centre
Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation Sdn Bhd

Perhaps Ranjeet12 can help with the wording of his letters?

Only some nationals need a VDR so they get an EP approval letter plus a VDR Visa Approval Letter (VAL)

Everyone gets an EP Approval Letter and those from non-visa countries use that to enter Malaysia.

@Ranjeet: can you please help me with above query?

Ho Ashwini,

The VDR letter that I received mentions "The applicant may proceed to the any Malaysian embasy/consulate of the country India to obtain single entry visa...."

It also contains reference to Malaysian embasy/consulate to grant single entry visa to the applicant.

Please feel free to ask if you need any further details.

As discussed offline, the difference is due to the application method. Mine is MDEC while Ranjeet's application was evdr applied in immigration dept.

Hi Everyone,

I have a couple of queries regarding visa application:
1. Is the form to be typed or written with a  pen?

Regarding Section C [Name of Inviting Company in Malaysia]
2.  What is NRIC? Is it an optional field?
3. The state column for KL needs to be filled as SELANGOR?
Regarding section D [Detail of Application]
4.  Duration of Proposed Stay? My EP is filed for 2 years but i am not sure if this is the same thing i.e. whether i need to fill 24 months?

Thanks in advance!


This website will help you wih all aspects of payment and form filling - check the different tabs … afees.html

In case of MDEC - Two print outs of MDEC Approval Letter come through the Immigration Department of Malaysia. The letter should be addressed to High Commission of Malaysia, New Delhi for applicants applying in Delhi, Consulate General of Malaysia, Chennai for applicants applying in Chennai and Consulate General of Malaysia, Mumbai for applicants applying in Mumbai.

***Note: - For Application’s submitted in Mumbai and Chennai if the reference number on the VDR letter starts with ICT then applicant need to submit Original VDR approval letter with 2 copies.***

The form is filled in "Block Capital Letters" so probably handwritten or else it would say typed in upper case (this is applying my own logic).

You can always ring the consulate where you are going to file your application for clarification on the points

NRIC is the Malaysian National ID Card (different from passport)

Selangor is a State and KL is part of the Federal Territory. Guessing it is asking for the location of your job.

Hi guys,

I think I am in a similar position that this thread started with and hence this query.

I got an offer from an Sdn Bhd in KL last month. The company applied for my EP visa with the documentations. Esd came up with a concern as to why hire an outsider when similar profile would be available in Malaysia which is not the case as my employer said and they are not able to find a person with my skills there. They have submitted appeal docs yesterday. They have received a time line of around 45 days to get to a decision. I have the following questions:

1. Does this really take this long? I have already been planning for the relocation as my initial date of joining was 1 March
2. Is there also a chance of absolute denial?

A quick reply from you will be very much appreciated as I'm quite worried at the moment.


Hi  ramjoshi,

In my case, they had posted a vacancy for more than a month and i was hired after sometime. So, basically company has to  prove that they were looking for local resource and couldn't find it in malaysia before trying to hire you.

Best luck,

1. Does this really take this long? I have already been planning for the relocation as my initial date of joining was 1 March

Yes, immigration don't prioritize appeals - as Ashwani wrote above, the company will have to prove there are no local candidates.  The 45 days is sufficient for the job to be readvertised and getting the results to support you being recruited.

2. Is there also a chance of absolute denial

Yes there is. But you don't say whether you are a new graduate (or have less than 3 yrs professional experience related to the job offer). That may also be part of the issue as at the moment local graduates are being prioritised.  If this is your situation then I would actually say the decision by immigration is almost final.

What type of job were you offered by the company?

Hi Gravitas,

The position which I am being hired for was previously filed by an expat and when she left, it is being offered to me. This is what is shown as the reason to hire an expat since there is a lack of local skilled person.

I am having 2.5 years of relevant work experience and the job is related to computational analysis.

OK - the usual situation is that immigration expect there to have been skills transfer by now and therefore if they have not advertised the job this will need to be done in the 45 days (as mentioned above). The employer cannot assume a position will always need to be occupied by a foreigner.

Also the trend is to take newly qualified local Malaysians and develop them in the job. The government is actively promoting this route to deal with unemployment among graduates.

Your experience is a also under the minimum requirements and I assume you have a relevant degree to the job.

These are all aspects that immigration look at.

Thanks Gravitas.

I think I should discuss with the company to advertise the role and then show that there is no local person to fill the post.

Have you come across any cases where the appeal was accepted after the application being rejected on the grounds as mine?


To be honest, no.

It sounds like this recruitment was based on a recommendation not a competitive process. Immigration will never accept that situation and the advert is bound to show there are local candidates (as immigration suggest).

This qualification is offered at lots of local universities and is one being promoted by MSC companies towards achieving national development goals.

Thanks Gravitas. I'll discuss your points with my employer.

Thanks again for your quick and insightful replies.

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