Greetings from Canada

Hi, I'm Reagan, I'm a UK citizen who has lived in Canada my whole life.  My family (husband and 4 kids) & I are hoping to move to Scotland next year and I'm hoping to get some insight into the process. My older kids can get Ancestry visas, but I would need to sponsor my younger two and possibly my husband unless he could get a Tier 2 visa.  I think it would be better to have him on a spousal visa but it is a matter of working out the logistics, like me getting a job that covers the financial requirements.  We are open to living pretty much anywhere although I would prefer not to live right in Glasgow or Edinburgh. Then there are the other things, like bringing goods or buying them there, etc.  So much to consider! 

Anyway, I look forward to chatting with those in the know :)

Hi there and welcome to the Forum :)

Cynic has answered your questions on the other post Link Here.

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