Iquama versus work visa

Hi all,

I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to clarify whether I have the following points correct? I just want to be sure I am as prepared as possible for my forthcoming placement in Riyadh (moving from the UK):

1. I will be given a work visa (multiple entry/exit, with 30 days exit/re-entry permit) by my employer which is actually based in Dubai - I take it this visa will be enough to carry round in my passport for identification purposes? I'm getting confused between this and the Iquama? I won't be getting an Iquama and will be purely reliant on the work visa for entry / exit / identification purposes, is this usual for expat workers?

2. I am planning to be in Riyadh for at least a year (and understand that I will have to enter and exit every 30 days as per the work visa requirements, and my company will be responsible for getting new visas when it runs out, etc.) so I don't understand why I'm not required to get an Iquama if I'm going to be working and living there for a substantial period of time?

3. Probably tied in with point 2 above, my accommodation will be provided directly by my company with myself not needing to sign any accommodation contracts, and my salary will be paid directly into my UK account, so I guess that's another reason why I'm not needed to get an Iquama as I won't need this for accommodation or to open a KSA bank account?

If someone could let me know as I am getting confused between why I'm not required to get an Iquama and will be solely reliant on a work visa?

Thanks :)

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