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I really need a help in my application for haad. I started my haad application since 2015. I was given already my dataflow verification report and username and password for credentialing. However, i was not able to follow the application and to check the status of my application. At the moment, i am eager to push through my application and to be given a chance to take the haad. But when i access my username and password,it said not found. So in this regard, what should i do?i hope someone will help me and guide what to do. Thank you so much.😊

Hello Expat.

Im a Filipino, on visit via here in ABU Dhabi.
I am a nurse in PH. I have submitted my docus for HAAD Dataflow.
I am just worried regarding my previous COE, BECAUSE my first ever work experiencehas closed their facility. How are they going to contact my previouS employer when all the #s given are not working anymore.
should I be worried?

Thank you!

I had already my Haad license and complete all the dataflow. My problem is I don’t know my Username and Password of my Dataflow since I’m not the one who process it my previous facility processed it and when i resigned I ask for my Dataflow username and password but they did not give that to me because they dont have a copy also and also they change the management and staff also. Is there any way that i can check my PSV (haad data flow) in my case?


Hi! I'm currently processing my dataflow but I'm having trouble with the dataflow page/website where applicants fill up and upload their credentials. I'm almost done, I'm already in the "Employment details" tab problem is I can't proceed to the next tab since i can't find the "next" button its been days, I tried to refresh my browser, my account and so on but still can't find it (its not on the bottom of the page where its suppose to). Can anyone help me. Please?

Hi. The last time i check im in the facility licensing on the reregistration process on my had license. How long will it take to finish the process??

hi @milky ibwould like to ask if how long after your Cid1 process then after that your in facility licensing after your CID approve?

Mabilis lang yung sakin kasi my dati na akong record and police clearance ako na dito eh.

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Could you please post in english only since this is an english speaking forum.

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You can check in had building in Abu Dhabi also dataflow have office in haad building

Hi @milky2018 would like to ask if your application is already finished? And how long it was?

Hi would like to ask if your application is already finished? And how long it was?

Hello to all. can anyone help me how to get eligibility letter/number for haad exam? I'm already done with my datalfow verification process and I always encounter "Do you have eligibility letter or Haad license?"question everytime I attempt applying for a job in UAE. I decided to postpone my application for exam since i don't have facility yet and I'm afraid I might get disapproved if I don't get a facility before 90days (according to ither blogs i read). Can anyone help me please?

P.S. I'm an ASCPi passer so i don't need to take exam, I only need a confirmation for exemption. 😊

Thank you.

Same problem :)

Hi. I had my dataflow application last 2015. And i did reapplication this week. I was immediately given my haad log in details but dataflow did not send me my df report, is it really like that?

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