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This is Manikanta with 5 years of experience on PLM Teamcenter and I hold a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from India. I am planning to apply for a German job seeker visa in the coming month.

In some of the blogs I have read that for getting a job seeker visa we need an official letter from atleast one company calling us for an interview. Is it really mandatory to have?

Experts, could you please help me understand the prerequisites for getting the visa.
Note:- I am currently doing my German B2.1

Thanks in advance.

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A list of required documents to apply for a German Job Seeker Visa (JSV) is here: … seeker.pdf
An interview invitation letter is not required. Furthermore, you don't need a JSV to attend an interview in Germany - a normal visit visa is sufficient.

Hi beppi,

Thanks for your response. I thought that Job Seeker Visa is required to look for any jobs in Germany & also to attend interviews. Is it not really?
Can I go on a normal tourist visa and look for jobs & attend interviews.

Request you to help me understand this.

Thanks in advance.

A JSV allows you to reside in Germany for a longer period than a tourist visa, which is often necessary for a serious job search. But a tourist visa allows all the same activities (incl. job search). Both exclude any paid work, of course.

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