Help realize a german dream

I'm Aurobindo, educationwise a homoeopathic graduate with professional experience in healthcare coding for a long time now. I'm located in India & currently working for US based contractor provding coding solutions to multiple facilities& providers. I wish to explore the coding industry in europe to learn more as well as utilize my skillset for organizational benefit & have got my initial assessment done with ZAB office. Now I'm getting stuck as to how to contact a potential employer as all the sites I surfed over the last few months do not show vacancies for coding oppurtunities in europe. I'm ICD-10 certified & enthusiastic about working in Germany. I've a particular liking with this country owing to my education & I also hope to meet some eminent homoepathic physicians there & interact with them.
If I could get a decent guidance as to how to land up a job offer suited to my skills. I've also got experience as medical editor for a reputed publisher in India.

One thing you didn't mention is, do you speak German?  Without that, I imagine your dream will be only that, a dream.

You must realize that almost all of the coding work is alreadzy outsourced to cheaper locations like India. Only those portions that require close interactions with customers or partners (inevitably in German language!) are still done here. Therefore, what Romaniac said above is generally true.
That said, you might want to apply at medical equipment suppliers like Philips, Siemens, GE or Draeger. They still do hardware development in Germany and need a (small) team of specialized software developers here. From what I heard (my wife works in the industry!), they prefer hiring certified medical personnel like nurses and doctors.

I am learning German and installed an app that teaches me new words every day, i m keen to learn the same

Thanks for the info friend

Check the language class offers of the Goethe Institute (in India called Max Mueller Bhavan) - they habe the best quality courses and also give you recognised certificates (A1, B2, etc.) on completion.

Thanks again, i'll definitely inquire n explore the option

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