Needing some information on Marriage with a Moroccan.

Assalaamu'Alaykum Wa Rahmataullaahi Wa Barakatuhu/Salutations All:

Hi. I hope this finds everyone doing well. I have a very unique situation and I just wanted to know how to go about it.

First off I am an American female Muslim. I currently live in America, however I met a Moroccan who is working in Saudi Arabia. We have spoken about possibly getting married in the future. While I love Morocco, (i was there in 2009) if everything goes well and we decide to marry once the families agree, I just do not believe I will have the allotted time to get married there due to the requirements they are seeking and the delays they are currently experiencing due to all the requirements they seek for an American to marry a Moroccan especially in marriage and applying for an American CR-1/IR-1 visa thereafter.

Just wondering has an American married their Moroccan in another country and applied for a visa later? Since he is living in KSA, the paperwork would go through Saudi Arabia embassy not Casablanca.


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