Emerio Malaysia

Hello there! I am GIlbert from the Philippines. I received a call from Emerio regarding an application for UOB Malaysia. I'm already done with the online exam and waiting for the scheduled interview. Just want to ask about the Emerio and UOB and the pros and cons working with them. I know that I am not done yet with the recruitment process but I just to know more about these companies because I don't have any idea. Can you help me on this and are there any other Pinoy/Pinay that's already in Malaysia and working for them? Any feedback or suggestions with the application process? Is the offer of RM3000 plus allowances enough for us to support our families in PH and cover the accommodation and our basic needs in KL? Reply or coment will be appreciated.


I was also called by Emerio Malaysia for UOB. I am already done with initial interview and online exam. I received an email from them for the final interview and requesting to submit the requirements.

I was able to send my requirements as well and they told me that the interview will be on Feb 10 but no additional information was provided. They will email me again for all the details.


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