visa for my partner

Hi everyone! I just want to ask something on what to do.. where planning to live in Dubai. My dad got a good job and the contract says that he can bring his family/relatives their in dubai and my mom is already working there before my dad got a good job.I am now 21 years old, and I have 2 kids.Me and the father of my kids are not yet married so My question is, can my partner go with us in dubai? What are the best actions that we can do so that my future husband could come with us. Im afraid that the immigration will hold him and will not allow to go with us because he is not legal family member? Can you suggest good actions on what we will do!!! Thank you so much

As a US citizen, he can avail Visa on arrival which is valued for 3 months. It can be extended by exiting. Besides, he can search for job and convert it in to job visa. But you will never get legal rights to stay together.

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