International schools KL for kids with knowledge gaps

Hi all,
Is it hard for a child with knowledge gaps to get admitted in to international schools in KL?
We're looking at MKIS and ISKL , but our son has gaps in most subjects due to mild ADHD and concentration problems. He does not cause a riot or anything, but will not do well on exams.

Is this generally a problem? I can imgaine the schools wanting A student, but I cannot imagine that all students there today are A students? I mean, there must be some other children having similar problems?

My biggets worry is that we move to KL and he does not get admitted. There is always home schooling but then he'd completely miss out on the social aspects which I really don't want.

Anyone have experience? Any better schools to apply to? Someone mentioned the Australian international school being better for children like my son.


Schools may well admit your child, but will require you to pay for a teacher's assistant to assist during lesson time.

That would not be a problem, as long as he gets admitted.
Trying to figure out what would make a school reject us though. But seems impossible to find out.
Guess we will have to wait and see, which is what is stressing me out :)

This group may be useful knowing about -

Awesome, thanks a lot!

Hi Björn, I can tell you about my experiences at ISKL.
Have very good experiences on this item in middle school with so called ‘core support’ and general attitude towards my son. He had to learn strategies and structure to cope with the courses and self confidence coming from another country’s program and having to improve his English, and it evaluated really well for him.
In elementary school though I experienced a real lack of attention and empathy  for my daughter. She did not speak English yet but was a lot ahead in learning attitude and for Reading in her native language, and eager to Participate in class but she felt very much neglected.
Best to ask to speak with counsellors !

Thanks for the reply
Your son, did he learn English fast once school started?
My son is 14 and will start his 9th grade, and I'm afraid kods at that ager are expected to know English at a decent level

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