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Hi,  I would just like to ask one question, which I think was asked before. I already accepted a job offer in Bahrain and tentatively, I will be flying on the 31st of January. The school where I will teach offered USD 900 or BHD 340 as my wage. In addition, they also mentioned about the presence of free accommodation, free transportation, and free annual plane ticket back to my home country. My question is, will the above mentioned amount of BHD 340 be a reasonable wage knowing that according to some news and vlogs,  the cost of living in Bahrain is quite expensive?

I would be very grateful to receive any comments or suggestions about the matter. Thank you bunches and more power!

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Hi,  : Definitive Guide to Bahrain for New Expats : cost of living … 1#p2522261 : cost of living area wise

The above links should give you an idea about cost of living in Bahrain, all though they are old, costs have gone up 3-5%. Accommodation, medical and schooling are on the higher side in Bahrain. You can have a basic life style with BHD350 for one person and you may not be able to save much.


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