Dependent fee paid but moi still showing insufficient funds

Naeem Bhatti Sahib,  I have deposited sadad fee online for iqama renewal of my family, one by one for 3 members. Later I tried to refund thru bank. Two payments are approved but third one is stuck. My ABSHER is showing this as balance. The bank has asked me to go to Jawazaat. Please advise if you have any advice what to do exactly.

Dear Nadeem Bahi ;

I want to send my family on final exit , and I have paid all my dependent tax till the expiry of my IQAMA i.e 13th Jan 2019, but when i am trying for final exit, it is showing me insufficient funds, I visited Jawazat office but they told me that I have to pay more 354 SAR per dependent for Final exit .

My Question is under which head should I pay the remaining amount i.e. 354 SAR for each dependant, as the bank is showing me zero payment under my or any dependant iqama

Your advice is highly appreciated.


Basically dependent fee should be paid for 2 months from that daye you apply for exit only should be paid under dependent fee.
Regarding 0 balance in your account,  i don't when u paid the fee upto iqama validity. I assume  it was paid 1 year b4 when u renew iqama.  in that case paid fee is used , so the balance is zero.
In my opinion , if you apply for exit today,  then fee should be paid till 9 or 10 march.  By this selection system will tell you amount close to 354 told by jawazat.  Whatever amount shown by system , make it equal or more than 354 told by jawazat by advancing date. After visa is applied,  check for refund & whatever you paid extra will come back

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