Dependent fee paid but moi still showing insufficient funds


I am still not able to issue iqama, despite paying dependent fee( which in my case should not be more than 1800 SAR/PERSON) and family insurance.

Can anyone assist me on that, please.

Iqama valid upto 15/02/1440, family arrived on 4-Feb2018.

How much should be the fee approximately?

I also have same problem as my family (wife and son) come to ksa last year in Oct 2017 on Permanent residency, Now my Iqama will expire on 15/09/1439, I pay dependent fee what Al Rajhi Bank is calculated  neat about 6214 SA (30/5/2019)+ 200 SAR Extra thru exit re-entry visa and when My HR dept. want to up date my Iqama thru Muqeem its showing insufficent  bakance .
Pls Guide me on this case as it is related to my Iqama Re-newable process

Dear Nayeem, I am also facing same problem. Can you please check the fee for me. My iqama num is 2281*** and expiry date is 07/03/1440. I have wife and son. I already paid for my wife till iqama expiry. My son came later to saudi arabia on 10th nov 2017. I paid as suggested by bank , but moi says insufficient fund. Visa fee of 200 paid separately.

Asim786 :

I checked with Jawazat officer, he told bank calculation is wrong. Submit 1584 at your iqama and 200 at wife iqama. I did and it worked. That day i submitted 2420 at my iqama considering no need to deposit 200 at wife.

Thanks Naeem sb for your advice. it was really helpful.

How did you pay 1584? The bank doesnt give you option to enter any amount. You can only pay what bank calculates. Correct me if i am wrong

You can pay more by paying amount of six months exit re entry visa or whatever amount u want

Please advice how to pay extra 500 on my passport. Thru Ncb.

Hi all,

I am facing same issue. I am getting error "Sorry!! No sufficient funds are available to issue Exit Re-entry Visa”. Please pay the fees and try again" while trying to issue visa for my family.

My iqama expire on 22nd Dec 2018(1440/04/22 and i paid around 11,194 SAR through NCB bank but still i am getting the same error. I have 3 dependants under me

Any help is much appreciated


my father have paid our one year dependent fees till 29 july 2017 now i want to apply for final exit only for me and rest of my family will stay were but when i click on issue final visa then absher show unavaible fund i have transfer 400 riyal in absher for final visa but they are saying unavaible funds what i have to do to issuse final visa i dont have time i have to apply my final visa before 29 please anyone guide me

Add upto 1000 Sar to dependent fee thru single visa fee 200x5 times or first try 3to4 times then try
Its works then apply for refund after final visa issue remaining amounts come back soon
Hope you find solution

I was having the same exact issue in my Iqama Renewal. First i paid the dependent fees through Alrajhi Onine Banking SADAD dependent fees (3800 rial). After that my company HR told me that they are unable to renew because of Insufficient Funds.

Then I went to Jawazaat Office and they checked their system and told me that the total required for my dependent funds must be (4020 rial) so I paid additional (300 rials) thru SADAD exit/retry visa fees, since the total gets added in the same "Passports Deposit" in MOI Absher remaining fund page. I used Exit/Reentry option because if i wanted to add (210 rials) more in my account using the dependent fees option, the banking system was again asking to pay (1220 rials) even for a single day fees.

As a safe side, while paying for your dependent fees through online banking, you must select two months ahead of your Iqama expiry date in the bank dependent fees date section as the Bank system is not calculating the correct fees amount. Once you get your Iqama rewed you can always go back to your online banking and refund the remaining funds on your MOI Absher account (in my case it was 80 rials).

After this Allhumdulillah I have got my Iqama renewed by my Company HR. I have suffered a lot due to this banking system dependent fee calculation error and I hope this helps others. Please pray for me if you found this info useful.

Hello everyone! we are facing same problem, absher saying insufficient amount upon final exit visa application for my daughter. I checked in MOI payments it says “fee amount is zero”.
What are we going to do?

Iqama expiry is on October 10, 2018
Departure date is October 7, 2018.

Hoping for your immediate response.
Thank you.

Pay 1000 rayal extra. issue exit re entry and refund remaining amount.

My iqama expiry is 11/04/1440 mm/dd/yyyy
Please help how much dependent fees i have to pay?
I already paid 2017.00 SR but it still says insufficient funds.

Pay 1000 rayal extra by selecting five month exit re entry fee. Make sure u deposit 200 in ur wife iqama to issue exit re entry seperstely.


First let me know that how many dependents you have............?
You want to pay the dependent fee for renewal of iqama for next year.............?


You have to pay 2 months extra for final exit visa from the date of issuance of final exit, because after issuance of final exit you can stay till 60 days so they are charging for these 60 days also even you didn't stay here.


I have landed in KSA 2 months back on employment visa. I have got my IQAMA number just 2 days before Eid ul Adha but still did not get my IQAMA Card. However, I have registered and activated my MOI account. I have to apply for family visa and my employer said that the payment of 2000 SAR for yellow slip fee has already been done. But, the funds are still not reflecting under my IQAMA. May I know how long does it take to reflect the funds under MOI?

If funds have been transferred then give a try to apply family visa. sometimes funds not reflected in MOI as available funds but visa application will work (If 2000 submitted as family visa fee already via bank)

Thank you Asim...the funds are reflecting now and I have applied for family visa online on 29th August. The status is still in submitted stage. May I know how long does it take for the approval and to issue the visa online?

If you have completed the application and did Company attestion and got attested from chamber of commerse. It will take 3-4 working days

Bro... as far as I know if we apply online then we don’t need any kind of should be approved immediately and no need to visit Istiqdam office

Please clear my understanding, I have just applied family visa through MOI and it is in submitted stage now. I haven’t done anything after that.  Could you please clear next action item for me?

Fill the online form and print a copy.
Sign the filled form by yourself.
Get it sign by your employer along with stamp
Get it stamp from chamber of commerce.
wait for 3-4 businesses days and then you can print issued visa mofa website.

Normally step-1 and 2 is done by employee and step-3 and 4 is done by employer.

Thank you Asim.

I have submitted my application along with 35 SAR for step 3 and step 4. Let’s see if it is approved within 3 days post COC stamping otherwise I need to visit Istiqdam office for manual submission.

My family visa got approved online and I have taken the print from MOI. Is there any separate link for family visa print? Or just the print from my MOI account would suffice to proceed with formalities in native country?

No need. Just email to family that print and get visa stamped from home country embassy

Thank you Asim for your valuable information. I have sent the visa details and formalities in India has been initiated.

Really appreciate it.

My question is family can go exit within 90 days without making iqama?

not sure. check with jawazaat

I think travel outside base location is not allowed until Iqama is issued.Even I had planned to travel but my manager said without Iqama you cannot travel.
Better get it confirmed from Jawazat, if there is any exception for family.

I want to send my sons on final exit but want to keep my wife and daughter on exit / re-entry status, my iqama is expiring on 20th December 2018, but MOI does not renew my iqama. I am unable to issue exit-reentry for my 2 dependents even I already paid levy fee for the next year !!

My question:
To renew my Iqama I've to pay dependent fee for next year for 2 dependents whom I want cancel ?
As SADAD is showing total amount payable for dependent fee is equal to amount of all 4 dependents even though Final exit is issued for 2 dependent. (i've already paid dependent fee for 2 dependents till the date of Iqama expiry)

Kindly let me know if someone have the knowledge about it , thanks !

Assalamu alaikum
  Brother im having the same problem which u family arrived in saudi in dec.2017
While paying depend fee in alrajhi it showing 9520 i paid full amount with exit reentry 200+ iqama renewal 650
But unused balance Showing SR.10370
Not able to renew d iqama its telling insufficient fund
Pls guide me

Visit jawazaat. They will tell you the correct amount which need to be paid. Banking system always show wrong amount. It is very easy to visit Jawazaat and ask them. It will not take more than 2 minutes.

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