Cost of Broadband TV Package

I read an article on cost of living where a forum member stated that you can get a TV/broadband package that included 6 UK TV channels for 25lv/month. Can you please let me know who your provider is?

Vivacom was 12.99 lev today for 120+ sat tv. 2 year contract. Mtel was 20 lev but if you took Internet as well it went down to 3 lev but ended up being 30 in a package.

If it was me, I said 6 English channels, not UK... at least one of them is a New Zealand channel.

Our provider is Unics, who is regional to Gabrovo and a few surrounding villages. We get fiber from them.

Thanks to Paulb28 and kojidae for your prompt replies.
We are next in Bulgaria in 10 days time so I will pop into Vivacom and Mtel to see what they can offer.
Sorry for misunderstanding your post kojidae, the chances are, we couldn't get the benefits of your TV/broadband deal in our village near Samokov anyway.

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