newbie to this site

hi my name is James I run a video production studio here in Phnom Penh been here a while now but only just found this site.

Hi James,

Welcome to!

Thank you for this intro.

Since when are you living in Phnom Penh? How do you find life there? Please feel free to share with us your expat experience and ask your questions on the Phnom Penh forum.

All the best,
Christine team

been in pp now for about 3 years was in sihanoukville before that for nearly 3 years .mmm how do I find it some days good some days not so goods

I think the most important thing is that you are having a rewarding experience and that you are happy in your life. And how is work?

James , welcome , I think you could provide us some great information about working in Cambodia without teaching English ? Feel free to share , I personally am interested to hear how  you made it in another field of work, welcome again as jo says feel free to share , we are interested!

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