Car in Penang

Hi ,
Can anyone help me to know about the second hand car in Penang.
What would be the possibilities of selling it off after a year.
Also pls provide the suggestion for transportation (bike/bicycle/grab)as my stay will be 1 year here.

Many people find that grab and uber are sufficient and don't bother with the hassle of car ownership. That paired with a motorcyle would be a good option. The bus service is good in many areas too. You can hire a car for a few days if you need to explore (but can't take it over the border to either Singapore or Thailand.

Thanks for your quick response.
Is it safe to drive with the motor cycle in bayan lepas area .

Yes the road conditions are not bad on Penang Island. There can be congestion also at lunchtime, but bikes get through easily. You will need an existing licence to drive a scooter or motorbike. You also need to follow the instructions about getting your Indian licence attested

Thanks for your reply.

Thank you very much.

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