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My question is I arrived on Poland on student visa and my intention here is to work not to study so I decided to work .I work few month and one of my employer help me with the document
I have applied for karta pobyutu and work permit on September 2017 on Katowice.after that my employer said I am not allowed to work until I got permission from government of katowice so it's been 5 month without work
My question is is it possible to issue work permit first so that I can start my work and later karta pobyutu.the employer said that without permission I can't work so I am still waiting.i don't have visa as well .I have provide all the document to government.

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Feel free to document yourself by reading  the Work in Poland articles, you might find some interesting information.

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It seems that you applied for this 'joinnt' procedure and you will get a decision for both residence and work simultaneously. So it means you must wait for it.

There was an option to apply separately for work permit but then your stay legality would have to be take care of anyway. Anyways, even work permits take long time nowadays...

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