First time visiting Jakarta, Indonesia

Dear Readers

Could you all share with me some of the things I need to know about this exotic and complex society. As I have not been to Indonesia at all, but I have some knowledge of Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and most recent Japan.

Could you ladies and gents share what you have experienced in this country, as I come from the Arts as Fine Artist, Illustrator, amateur Photographer and I need to know where is the creative precinct of this vast and complex society.

I am also a lover of Coffee and Tea, not to mention Food in all its variety.

Sydney Australia

Well, for a starter I can tell you about the basic transportation there. I had been living there for 3 months before moving to Yogyakarta and then Bali.

Jakarta divided into 5 big regions. North (Jakarta Utara), South (Jakarta Selatan), West (Jakarta Barat), East (Jakarta Timur), Center (Jakarta Pusat). To move from region to other region you need transportation.

Public transportation such as TransBus or KRL (Public train) needs an electronic money in Rupiah currency to use. You can buy it at minimarkets such as Alfamart or Indomart. I believe there exist minimarkets at the airports so bought it for later use.

For alternative transportation, you can use an online application such as Uber, Go-Jek, or Grab. Please be aware that this application is prohibited at the airport.

Work has been crazy this last few months so I've hardly been out but these two threads could interest you. … 23#3326411 … 3&p=19

You might also like to google "Museum Macam" - Wonderful place

If you want to know the art worker community is in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Bali .. etc
depending on your destination, please try image with google along with words "panorama Yogyakarta"
or "panorama bali" ... etc. this is for panoramic view

And If you want to know about art (seni) "seni Jakarta" or "seni bali"  this is for arts.


Hi Achmadjp

Really appreciate your response, I will keep all this in mind and of there is so much to understand with Indonesian culture as I have only watched Documentaries and read about this complex society.

Thank you so much for your input,


Hi Fred

I do understand when you mention work, I have similar experience here in Sydney as well, I will check our the links and will chat later. Have a good day,


Hi Zanzio

Many thanks for your kind response regarding the Arts connections in Indonesia, I will keep all that information and will check out google and see what is online. I hope you have a good day and keep well,


if you like photography there's so many places that could telling about jakarta, maybe you can join some downtown tour or island tour. seems like short tour.


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