Buying Property In Budapest

I am looking to buy an apartment in Budapest .The previous thread I have read is quite old so I was wondering if anyone could offer me any advice and names of a good English speaking lawyer please?
Initially I would be looking for a buy to let property so would also appreciate any advice on good agency's that could manage the property if I was out of the country? (I am freelance and though I have been living and working here for some time , I am currently back in the UK.)
Any other advice on buying here would also be greatly appreciated!!
Many thanks!

I'm not entirely sure if this guy does property, but here's an English speaking lawyer that I met with a few days ago in Budapest: … -75499411b / szentkiralyi.dr[at] / +36-20 992-3378

Think he specializes in immigration law, but I maybe he can help you too. Good luck.

That's great, many thanks for your help!

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I'm not suggesting you go with this SITE, but it might give you an idea of what the market is like. They do a lot of work with the UK with people like yourself.

Thanks for the welcome and your suggestion! I hadn't come across that company before so will definitely see what they can offer!  :)

Hi am also going back to the UK can l use that site if it help me too am looking at buying a property. Any advice will be great

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