Working in Bali

Hello I'm Janelle

I'm from Perth I fell in love with Bali years ago I holiday there twice a year I would really love to move to Bali and work if I can I have lots of experience in hotels can anyone give me some advice on where to look for work or even point me in the right direction
Thanks have a great evening

What sort of hotel work?

These days even the GM position at many hotels in Bali is being filled by local talent.  The only hotels that are regularly able to fill key positions like GM, Executive Chef and F&B Manager with expats are five star chains.

Even five star chains these days are employing top Indonesian chefs and indonesian F&B managers. With 5 star hotels often the only foreigners working there are the GM's and sometimes the Asst GM's but even the Asst GM's seem to be more and more Indonesian.

I think finding a job in a hotel is going to be quite difficult unless you get some real luck.

do u know where I should have to take for the tourist guide in jakarta or in Bali?

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