Rent Issues

Hi All,

How is the rent calculated-1. From the date of confirmation or 2. From date of move in?
I am a bit confused, I have viewed a house and the main tenant( he is sub-letting the common room) said I'll have to pay from date of confirmation,not from the day I actually move in with my luggage.
Also he isn't agreeing on signing a contract. There is 1 more flatmate in that house(student) who hasn't signed the contract either.

Usually renmt is paid for the time you use the place, but since contracts are freely negotiable other arrengements are possible by mutual consent.
Rental contracts do not have to be in writing, but verbal contracts are of course more difficult to handle in case of a dispute.
If the relationship already looks difficult before it really started, I recommend you look for another place with a better landlord instead!

It’s quite common here, on which date both the tenant and the owner agreed to occupy (agreement date not necessarily is your moving date). e.g. Owner X and Tentant Y agreed the date should be February 1, 2018. However, due to some reason tentant only can occupy on February 5, 2018. But, as per the agreement it will count from February 1, 2018.

Sub letting unit in most of cases are not regulated as it’s not mandatory to sign an agreement, no stamp duty payment to the government, Nor PUB bill come under the tenant’s name.

As Beppi said, if there is a dispute with the owner at the beginning then better look out other places. Plenty of sub-letting units are available for single person like you. Good luck

I have a friend with whom something similar happened..She confirmed that she is taking the flat on 9th Oct and informed the main tenants that she'll be moving in on 15th October, which she did...Now she is leaving the place and wants her last day in the house to be 30th Jan...The main tenant is saying your rent will be considered from 8th of every month so pay the rent for entire month and then leave...Whereas she has paid rent until 15th Jan(as per previous agreement) already and she needs to pay for the remaining days

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