i got hired in other country!!!

i got hired in other country because of my job application,,they make everything all the documents that i will provide to go and work there, but i'm still here in saudi arabia for my current job.
my question is if the visa and ticket gave to me,,,,,  can i go directly and there's no problem in my previous work here in saudi or should i make final exit? or no need just make flight directly to the country that hired to me....?

hope you can help me?  hope same situation me here in saudi....

thanks a lot!!!!

Logically make final exit and leave on amicable terms - rest is your choice :)

you should not leave the kingdom on an exit re-entry visa as, if you do so, you wont be able to come back to KSA for a period of 3 years.

secondly the other country, may have a regulation that you should go back to your home country and get the visa stamped. if such regulation i not in place in that country, then you can go directly from here.

Hi there folks, a further extension to the discussion above - what is the proper/legal way to deal with an existing bank personal   loan in Saudi Arabia, when you have to leave Saudi Arabia (final exit) to work in another country?

Is it possible to continue the loan re-payment while you're already working in another country? I am considering a job offer abroad but still has active bank personal  loan, I do not wish to neglect my responsibility to the bank but I am not sure how I should proceed if I decide to accept the job offer abroad.

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