Hi guys,

I’m Henri, a french guy who is going to move to Jakarta shortly (finalizing the contract with my company).
I will move with my wife and son (13 months).
I will work in Bekasi Selatan and want to leave in Jakarta for different reasons:
- Letting my wife having a social life
- put my kid in a day care center

Therefore, i need advices and helps:
- Where to leave (south preferably): budget is roughly 30M IDR (long term lease 2/3 years). Looking for a 3 bedrooms + 1 maid room (ideally)
- which preschool to go? I was looking at apple tree (provide english and mandarin). Donyou have any feedback? Other recommendation?
- what is the price of preschool?
- for my wife, expat club?

Thanks for your help,


Hi Hendry,

is your wife  Indonesian?
If she is Indonesian will be easy to get  local rental house in Bekasi Selatan with budget like that.

Usually for expatriate environments are apartments. Nice location in super mall Summarecon spacious apartment size 40 meter square.

You better find out that area directly regarding the preschool and club facilities you expect. Or googling

The most important thing you must have a residence permit (KITAS) is usually sponsored by your company.




I’m also working around Bekasi area, living in SCBD(South). Quick access to the freeway.

You can check out few property such Residence8, Pakuwono View, Senayan Residence, SCBD Suites.

PreSchool : Mighty Minds or iSmile or National Montessori

Wife depend on her nationality or yours, every embassy have their own events, they have various events such as art, cooking , etc..

Hope that helps.

Ps. If you need help on the property, I do have few reference if you need them.

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This means budget 30 mili in south jakarta will be difficult to get it, usually owner apartment rent per year. Jakarta has many choices of preschool and expatriate club.

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