Moving questions

Hi Everybody
My husband and I would like to retire to the Canary Islands. I have hundreds of questions and lots of research to do but I have 3 main questions which we will need help with before we go any further.
First provided we have a good income and capital can we retire there?
Secondly our 30 year old daughter would want to move with us. She is a qualified beautician and currently works self employed doing that 3 days a week and tops up her income working as a waitress.  She has a monthly income from some uk rental  properties she owns. Would she be eligible to move to the canaries and what are the chances that she could do a similar job. Would she be able to do massage, facials etc from home if we set up one of our rooms?
Thirdly some people advise renting out our home in the uk for a year and renting a property for a year to see if we like it. However we have four dog (2 medium, 2 tiny - no banned breeds) and I suspect it would be difficult to get a rental property that would allow that number of dogs. What are your thoughts on that please?

If your daughter has an income of at least 366 euros per month (maybe from letting property in UK) then she can apply for residence.

As an EU national she has the Right to work either as employed or self-employed.

Probably some people will let to dog owners

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