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i am an owner of beauty store in Saudi Arabia. I want to move my business to Bulgari and complete form there. however I am not sure of what are the cost to start business and what are the requirements. thank you

i need 3 employee as a starter ,
what is the salary,
I need a developer and digital market employee.

looking for your advice

Hello Sarahal,

Moving your company to Europe is a very good decision, and Bulgaria is one of the options with lowest costs.
Establishing a company here costs about 400 EUR - court registration, bank account, BULSTAT registration, listing at the Registry Agency.
In addition you will need a VAT registration, which can be achieved on a turnover base ( 50 000 BGN) and is then automatical, or you can request preliminary VAT registration which can be made within 2-3 weeks and costs some extra money. But it is necessary for international trade.
You will need an office, which would cost you another 300 EUR. Not sure whether you plan to have a physical shop and/or a small warehouse.
Hiring a digital marketing professional will start from 800 EUR and up.
Developers are more pricy, but they normally work on assignments and you can hire the developer just to complete your project, not as a full time employee. Anyway - 1000 EUR.
Also you will need an accountant, probably not a full time position, but it depends on the volume of work.  Plan additional 150 EUR for monthly accounting servicing.
Electricity, Internet, telephone - add another 100 EUR.
I guess you'll be having postal expenses for your shipments - here's a broad range of companies and prices and of course all depends on volume and numbers.

What you'll receive is EU based company, very fast Internet, good working environment, low corporate tax - 10%. Plan additional 5 % if you intend to withdraw funds from your company.

Basically that's the most important for a quick start. Additionally you might need some licencing fo your products, sanitary  and anti-fire requirements etc.

Thank you for your replay.  the cost's are very Attractive regarding to my part of country. this information you gave me are very helpful. I wondering what are the requirements for exporting supplement  from Eurob  or USA or Russian?

To export supplements from EU you probably do not need any special requirements. It could depend on the type of supplements.

From Russia - only God knows!!!!    anything related to that country is quite risky!

from the USA - probably just like EU.

But everything needs to be checked  for every specific product and country. If you need a check for Bulgaria - I can arrange it. I could probably help for Russia and the USA too.

lets switch to PM

Please be careful when you advice people here. For example - the registration of company does not cost 400 euro, but much less! VAT registration is NOT automatically happened. VAT registration is voluntary and obligatory!
… and so on….

Company registration costs less if you do it yourself, which is almost impossible for a foreigner, who has never been here.
Otherwise he/she has to hire a lawyer and an accountant, and this costs money. Exact amount varies, there are companies working to a far higher amounts. You can find lower amounts too.
VAT registration is AUTOMATICAL once you reach 50 000 BGN turnover, which means that your company automatically become a subject of the VAT act and cannot avoid VAT registration. And yes it is obligatory then.
And so on ??


i am interested to open a limited liability company in Bulgaria, please send to me a private message with your contact details so we can arrange a talk.

Thank you.

Hello Daniele,

you have a PM.

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