need help to get work permit in malaysia

I came here on dependent visa and i am searching for a job i got an offer from a company and they said that they will no give any employment pass and should get it by own can any one help me and want to know howmuch it costs?the thing is that i have residence permit for one year and my stage2 is also done recently.can anyone plz help me out.

Don't understand what you write about your immigration status to do with residence permit and stage 2

But if your partner is on an employment pass even though you are on a DP, you have to change it to an EP and the company has to sponsor that EP. There are no "personal" EPs. They are all related to a company.  What you wrote is a typical let down remark from a company - so they don't lose face.

Thank u for ur reply the company which is offering me a job is us based company and they said that u have to get work permit by your own.

That is not possible.

To get a work permit the company has to be a registered company in Malaysia.

But you can work for a US company online or remotely, and declare income tax in Malaysia and USA.

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