Divorce and Naturalization

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I have searched the whole internet , google...name it but i still can't find the real answer to the question or my doubts . Anyway i am looking into naturalizing and i went through the requirements... everything regarding the documents are ok with me but the only problem is MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE . i have been living in brazil for about 4 years and i lived and was  married with my ex Brazilian wife through which i obtained my RNE ... we divorced after 2years and few months of marriage (married around july 2014 and divorced September 2016) . .. yet after the divorce i use my RNE freely , got a good job with it  , got myself a car with it and i am married now but to a foreigner not a brazilian  who lives here with me  ... now i am in the process of applying for citizenship as it says 4years ... the problem is do apply with my current marriage certificate or the divorce certificate with my ex wife ? Is it true that when you seperate with your Brazilian wife your RNE will be cancelled ? Is this gonna affect my application if i go ahead with it ? Thanks

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You need expert legal advice, pronto.  In your situation, I would find a lawyer who specializes in immgration law, ensure that the conversation would remain confidential, and lay your case out to him/her.  I would not discuss it with anyone else, until I had a clear understanding of the risks, and how to avoid them.  Good luck!


You are going for ordinary naturalization after completing 4 years of residence in Brazil.  Hence a marriage certificate is not required. 

The marriage certificate is usually a requirement when you apply for your citizenship after holding onto the residency for 1 year only.



Divorce did not cancell your RNE?

Older post pre 2017 laws rewritten since Jan 2018

No it didn't .


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