Problems While looking a new job !

Hi there
I want to share my experience and problems what I am dealing with  while seeking a  job in Dubai
I have  almost six years experience as an accountant ( 3 years as a senior accountant )
I have master Degree , passed several books of ACCA
and looking for a job - 8000 AED salary
I have registered in almost every recruiting agencies in UAE , my application rank  is almost every time at top , 4%-10 % but I have not received any calls except one ! .
problem is that most of them are not viewed by employer .
for example I applied in November/ beginning  of December and still not viewed !
you have to purchase additional services to "make" them view your CV I think !
I was employed (7 month) but I left job and dont have so much time .(i have still employment visa)
how can I make employers to check my CV ?
even in linkedin , I have purchased premium service and can see how my application is compared to others , still the same at top position . but result ? no calls /no views !

can you give me advice  for this case ? ))
Best regards !

Its surprising but may be the market was down in 2017 but it seems to be picking up in 2018.

I wish you luck to achieve your goal.


I noticed one thing
first of all my big respect to all nationalities here in Dubai!
But I think nationality is the first filter while seeking a job.
there are applications -"Indians only", "Philippines, Arabic" and s.o
for example if the hr manager or (person who is responsible for hiring ) in Indian she/he prefers Indian.( so many application I checked and almost everytime half of the total applicants are Indians )
I understand this thing .-much better to work when there is no difference in mentality, language, culture, and s.o

so I want to ask if anyone knows multinational Companies or recruiters in Dubai, (whose task is more concentrated on European job seekers ? )


Have you tried

It's not just you BTW. I am from Philippines and there are jobs that are for Western, Arabic or Indian nationals only are allowed to apply. Try applying in Free Zones area if you haven't yet. Like if you are in a site, opt for areas for free zones.

Not an expert but hope this helps.




What job are you looking for in UAE


Dhieraj Garg

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