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Hello newbies,
I'm Caroline. I want to share you a way to find job at Ho Chi Minh city (Vietnam). This post is not advertising. I just want to help you have a easy way to find job and make you happy. So, if this post is not useful for you, you can ignore it.
1/  Some website i know to find job:,,,,...
2/ Foreigner in Ho Chi Minh city usually teach English in centers, schools or Fitness trainer, so if you want to find job about it, you should go to their main office to ask for job avoid phishing.

This is my experience. I hope it can help you when you live in Ho Chi Minh city. Thanks for reading !

Hi Caroline!

Thanks so much for the info. Could you tell me where the main office is for Foreigners seeking employment?

Thanks in Advance,


kimber1111 :

Hi Caroline!

Thanks so much for the info. Could you tell me where the main office is for Foreigners seeking employment?

Thanks in Advance,

Hi and welcome to the forum.

To the best of my knowledge there's nothing called 'one stop recruitment solution' for foreigners in Vietnam.

You select a prospective employer (company, organization, school etc.) and just walk in with your CV and other credentials and talk to the HR.

At least for the English teachers that's the best and most efficient way to find a quick job in an ELT center.


Dear Kim,
Senwl was right. If you want to be an English teacher, you should go to the head office of the center to apply for a CV. For example, the headquarters of the ILA English Center is at 146 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Dist. 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, etc. Alternatively you can visit the website of the center, in the recruitment section to find your desired position.


Hi Caroline,

Nice to see your post. Me and my son would like to relocate in HCMC or Saigon for six months trial time. Like to know many details such as if we can survivev by teaching English. We will be looking for a simple house or a flat with private bathroom and strong wifi connection. Rest could be very simple, no furniture,TV,etc..required.
I will be very pleased to get your detailed info.



Sait Elibol :

no furniture,TV,etc..required.

Same question for this part of your statement as I've asked in your other thread:  Where do you sleep, sit, eat your meal, etc. and etc. without furniture?

Dear Ciambella,
Thank you for your kind interest. However I am afraid I am misunderstood. I need of course furniture, but only basic things. Like kitchenware,  a basic pair of sofa to sleep and sit. What I wanted is to live a simple life without any luxury.
Do you have any living experience, what type of job are you working in?? What should be the specific points that I might be missing? Waiting for your kind feedback.


Simple life without MUCH luxury is the norm. you don't need to look very far to find, but simple life without ANY luxury can only be found in unfurnished apartments in small towns and villages. 

TV and A/C are parts of furnished apartments in Saigon, just don't use them if you don't like them.  Your rent would be the same either way, but your electricity bill will definitely be lower.  However, since not even the natives can live without A/C in inland cities, you may find that you'll need that bit of luxury after all.

My spouse and I retired many years ago, so I don't have any advice for you on finding a job here.

Things are not so structured in Vietnam. Jobs landed with just 1 walk-in interview is a common sight. Job opportunities are plenty if one is not picky and cheap to be hired.

I suggest getting the right living conditions and ensure immigration documents are clearly done first as that could be the most tedious part. Legal matters are worst to handle here.

If teaching is the objective, might want to consider an apartment with radius of most opportunities such as schools, tuition centres, language centres, translation service centres etc. Traffic is a killer, you would not want to crawl out of bed at 0500hrs to start work at 0800hrs. :D

Hi everyone, I come from Malaysia, have been contacting some vietnam recruiting company but they have no suitable vacancy for foreigner other than teaching job. Any suggestion where I can look for it? Thank you.

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Yeah !!

I was there in February 2018 and have sent tons of emails.

Surprisingly, only received less than a handful of reply.  Got one from ILA actually but didn't reach the final interviewing stage :((

I remembered that once that we should go directly to their office and drop the CV on their desk then we may stand a chance there.


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