Dependent pass renewal charges


Can anyone help me with the dependent pass renewal charges (including Agents charges)

My agent is charged me Rm 3500 per person where in last year to apply fresh dependent pass agent charged me Rm 3500 for 2 persons.

this time agent is claiming that the rules are changed and fees is increased.

Please provide info on this if any one knows about it.


Can't answer your question, but I agree you should be providing some resistance to the 100% increase in fees foŕ what is most likely far less work. Does sound like you're being ripped off.

Sign up on Facebook for FOREIGN SPOUSES SUPPORT GROUP. They have full information.

Your Malaysian spouse needs to accompany you to apply so waste of time using agent.

thank you

Cyril, Im trying to understand this case.

1. Why did you go to an agent in the first place?
2. Whoever is on applications for these passes has to appear at the immigration office. Is that what you did with your agent?
3. To my knowledge, the immigration department doesnt allow the use of agents so Im not understanding how you paid them money and then they go to the office for you when its not even allowed.
4. There is no such thing as less work on future applications/renewals. All the work and forms has to be done again. The only difference is the future fees are less than the original application and there is no re-payment of the original bond.

Ok, so with that, explain from the beginning exactly what happened with your case.

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