ENquiry about moving!

Hey there,

I have been offered a contract in Abu Dhabi...... I have some questions about whether this is a good package: (please note I have 2 children)

25000 AED per month
180,000 AED housing per year
50% of school fees paid
4 weeks paid holiday
health insurance

I have been recommended the following schools: If anyone has any info on these would be so helpful!!

Al Raha

Gems World Academy

Al Khubairat

Cambridge International

Thanks in advance everyone!

Abu Dhabi is the most expensive city of UAE being capital. With 5% VAT inflation has increased. The amount you have been offered is fairly reasonable but if you think you will save a fortune than please come out of your dream. The bad part of living in UAE is that whatever you earn you spend and give it back to them :) You will understand this once you are here :)

Thanks for your reply! Really appreciate it. What do you think is a more realistic offer? I am in a position to negotiate so I want to make sure I am doing it right!

I currently live in China so I’m aware of expat packages etc but this is a fairly “high up” job and I’m not sure that I’m being offered enough for what it is.

I think 25K good to start with, not sure how much budget your employer have and what sort of position are you getting hired on. if you can give some indication than I can help you better...

Thanks I would appreciate it!

It's actually a fairly good but difficult job - it's working with ministry of education helping to write Early Childhood programs. So it's quite a skilled position, i am so excited about the job, it's really what I would love to do. I'm just not sure how much I should be looking for. I mean technically it should be more than a management position in a school (eg principal/vice etc), but i don't even know what kind of salary they are on. Given I have 2 children that also need taken care of I can understand if I had less salary but more benefits for the family.

Apologies... guess its too late to reply.. The email went into junk.... hope you have made a decision and joined Abu Dhabi. For any other help or assistance you can get in touch by email , ***... God Bless You and Best of luck !

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hi dear thank yoi much for your help

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