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Hello There,
I'm new to this and looking for some advice on choosing a country to move to. My family and I are in the very beginning stages of this process and as much as I have done a lot of surfing on the internet i find it very difficult to narrow down some choices.
Here is a breakdown of what we are looking for.....

- Warmer climate
It doesn't have to be tropical but we want someplace where there is no winters. We are currently living in Ontario, Canada and cannot stand the dark, cold, snowy winters.
- Inexpensive
Canada is very expensive to live and we are looking for a country where our money can go further.
- Safety
Obviously we want a country that is safe for families with relatively low crime and a secure government. Canada is very safe so we'd like the same or even better.
- Affordable Healthcare
Canada offers free healthcare which is important for a family of 5 so we would want a country where the health care is affordable.
- Good Education
Being that we have three children with two still in school we would want a location that has a strong educational system preferrably with free post secondary education.
- Strong Job Market
We currently own a business but would sell before we moved as it is not something that we'd be able to run from abroad. So we would need to work and choose a country where there would be plenty of job opportunities for our growing children as well.
- Friendly
A country where people are friendly is also very important. Also, a place where family comes first and people live a laid back lifestyle at a slower pace.

Perhaps I am asking for too much and such a country does not exist. Lol

TIA for all your help and suggestions.


ime these seem to be competing requirements, if job opportunities are that great, things arent cheap because the population have lots of liquid cash

in Malta the job situation is poor and poorly paid - reflected in the cost of things (when looked at from the perspective of someone not earning here) and the quality of infrastructure.

likewise well off population == crime, malta is poor and also some of the lowest crime in EU.


I think you should also consider carefully what language situation you want in a country of choice, Malta you can do just fine without knowing Maltese but say Portugal you need to know the language which can be a huge hurdle in establishing yourselves.

I'd also consider things like accessibility of citizenship if you are out of the EU, many places have programs where in ~ 5 years foreigners can get citizenship and this is a major factor in access to healthcare etc.  And since if not EU people you wont have free movement right you should study the work visa situation carefully

You might also want to consider checking out which countries you will be able to access.
As a TCN (Third Country National) most EU countries will only allow you in if you have a job to go to and in general those jobs have to be offered to suitably qualified EU citizens first. Certainly that is the case in Malta which would fulfill many but not all of your requirements.
After the wide expanses of Canada you might find Malta a little cramped!


Thanks for the info!
I really have no interest in moving to Malta but when I joined this site I had to pick a country of interest for some reason. My issue right now is I’m in the very beginning stages of this adventure and I’m still trying to figure out a country.
There is so much to look into and it can be exhausting searching online.
Any suggestions on where I can begin, good websites etc.?

Thanks again.....


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