After studies I was denied entrance in Singapore

Hi guys I need your help. I study in a local singaporean university for 3 years and I am an European citizen. I got contacted by a few international companies in Singapore and I applied for an EP I was told that I couldn’t be in the country so I left to Thailand when I came back I was denied entrance in Singapore and the only reason they gave me is that I have no right to come and steal the jobs of the singaporean citizens, this was told me by the immigration officer that was Malaysian... anyways I got into the first flight to uk and one week later my EP was denied due to that incident at the airport. Will I ever be able to come to Singapore again to visit? Normally we are not allowed to get in for 1 year or depends ? I also talked to some people that told me that I need some kind of sponsorship or after a year Is not required ? And I can come freely? Should I contact Ica on this matter ?

It’s kind of rude statement by the ICA officer. He shouldn’t say that you are here to steal local jobs at immigration office. Never mind, you can write a letter to ICA to clarify or confirm if is there any open case against you which would prevent visiting Singapore? I would suggest stay outside of Singapore for a year or so before you are applying jobs again or visiting here. Good luck

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