Got Oman Lecturer Offer Letter from Al Muwardoon Muscat

I'm Chandrasekhara Reddy T from India and 10 days back I got call from CAG solutions India regarding Oman Private  Universities lecturer recruitment and informed that I have interview on Jan 2nd. On January 2nd I got a call from Oman and interviewed me on some technical and non technical questions by a lady. Today I received a mail from Al Muwardoon, Muscat which is manpower service organization, contains an offer letter and a form for confirmation. Offer Letter contains My monthly pay i.e 1500 OR but University is not yet decided it will be decided by Ministry of Oman in any one private University and for processing they are asking 520 Omani Rial. They asked me to send the filled form and money by January 12th and joining will be in the month of June 2018.
So I have a doubt that whether it is fake or a genuine offer please tell me.

Dear sir

I know something about Oman lecturer job. Private universities never ask processing fee. Think twice before accepting.

Hi sendtoshekar,

The offer is absolutely a fake one.

Whoever is contacting you is trying to rip you off. And that too of a sizeable sum.

If you have the time and are willing, do take the full details of the company that has made you this fraudulent offer and report them to the nearest Oman Embassy in India. That would ensure that the company in question gets blocked and banned by Oman's Ministry of Manpower, and all the other interconnected Ministries and Directorates.

Just so that you know, no employer would ever demand (or even ask) any processing fee or any fee from the candidates. It is only the unscrupulous middlemen a.k.a. Manpower agencies who cheat gullible people and fleece them of their money.

Tell the guys who have contacted you that you have come to know that they are trying to cheat you and that you are planning to lodge a police complaint against them ! You will see them make a quiet and quick exit from your case.

Dear Sumitran,
Thank you very much for your information. I got a mail from Naseem A
Operation Manager
Al Muwardoon
00968 242 99 790
00968 939 17 880           
The above details are available in the website given and I got calls from 00968 939 17 880.
The asked to send money to
Oman Arab Bank,
Account Name: AL Muwardoon
Account number: 3104 546007 500
Account type: current account
Swift code: OMABOMRUXXX.

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your information. I'm thinking and doing research to find it out whether it is a fake or correct if it is fake we should propagate this to the innocent people otherwise these fraud persons will cheat many innocent people.

Have you also mailed to the college ... and tried to ascertain the fact ?

There are 2 possibilities .

1. Everything is fake , including the stage managed interview ... where the college name has merely been used .

2. There is a genuine requirement and the college interview was genuine . These guys are just trying to make a quick buck in between .

Though from the look and feel of it , the first alternative looks more probable , in case it is the second one ... you may not miss your opportunity !

They not even tell the college name they simply said you got selected for Lecturer In Computer Science Position for Private College of Technology Sultanate of Oman. Upon final allotment by the Ministry of Manpower for the listed Private college of technology. This what they are telling

Hi sendtoshekar,

Tread with caution.

The whole deal sounds very shady.

huh , i thought the college panel interviewed you !
the agency was just assisting them in getting a candidate.

I have seen these kind of calls and mails from African countries, this is the first case I have come across in this forum.

In the case of the African country (i think it was Nigeria), I had googled and landed up in the Indian embassy site, where a note of caution was put out naming this particular company .

Suggest you write a mail to Indian Embassy in Oman highlighting this .

Thanks for bringing this into the forum.

hai i too got the same mail for electrical lecturer.

dont know whether its real or fake.

hi i too got the same offer
dnt know its fake or real

plz call me ***

from kerala

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Even I have received an offer letter from Al Muwardoon ,Muscat in February and so for nothing has happened. They are not  having any ethics honesty in their profession. They do not have any professional HR people.
Overall they are fake.

Have you got any information regarding this particular consultancy..
Please share us the details and about your experience in handling them

I too get same it true.pls reply

Is this is true. It too got that offer.pls reply

Got the offer letter but I think it's fake as genuine consultancy charges not to the candidate but take the charges from the university.
I am not transferring the money and rejected the offer.

Hello sir,
Did u pick up the job offer? I received an offer letter yesterday and was asked to pay 520 OR. Are these these people fake?

Dear Sangeetha.. per the oman ministry of human resource they are not supposed to charge the candidates..the consultancy charges will be born by the university.
These are fake offers and after getting the money they will not respond..

Generally the semester starts from August or September and they are saying that joining is during January which is utter false.
So be aware     nd don't pick the calls now onwards.

And share the word     among other to be aware about this particular consultancy

Thank U sir. That helps

Also, it may be useful if u can share some email ids of genuine consultancy offering lecturing jobs (Electrical) , not just in Oman even other countries too and also some info about the recruitment procedures. Right now, i have registered with Naukri , and searching via indeed only.

even i was also attended the telephonic interview.she called me  told i have got selected and asked me to send 520om.but i m a not ready to pay now.i replied i will all send all my documents that they need for process.i will pay the fee once if i get offer letter frm minstry. they promised in that lr they will get offer in the month of dec i will wait till i get my offer

only govt consultancy like bahwan and globenet are only not charging.but others do charge ,they cannot  do service for free of cost.but  willnot ask for   money before the process .they get offer for us and other process .they will get money after we got our first month salary,that is genuine case.

i enquired them to send a model copy of job offer lr that they got for other old candidates.but the refuse to send it.from this we can conclude this almuwardoon is fake

better send your resume to bahwan consultant or globenet consultant and register.they will call you if the interviewer come to google

countries other than gulf like australia or canada or hongkong , u need to starts immigiration process with huge money

anyone send money to almuwardoon company for oman lecturer job ?

yes same thing happened for everyone who applied thru almuwardoon

I also have problem with almuwardoon company they change my college after one year from muscat to salaha i told them i do not want to work so they say i have to work in salaha college only or can go back india

bahwan consultant or globenet consultant not giving good salary i am looking for more than 1400 omr

Hello asra, tell me whether Al Muwardoon is a genuine consultancy or not. They will give job are not are just take money for process of and latter no response type ....

job is ok they take 500 omr but they change college which is very far i am a lady i faced problem for new place.

Hi, nice to hear from u. So, did u pay that 520 OR even before getting the order. What the reason they give for changing your college that to a totally different place?

hi, so whats your plan. i am from Chennai. Where are u from, I belong to the department of EEE. What about u?

hi arsa,
have u got offer thru almuwardoon company?have u paid 520omr before got offer?is they are real?i wish apply after seeing your message.pls give me your contact number.i need to talk to you regarding my offer.pls help me

Hello dear asra,even I got offer letter last year and asked to join in January 2018 but still no processing is done yet,they are taking too long to process .Further they confirmed me to join in coming January 2019,again only half of the process is done and didn't receive any visa.Could you please tell me is it a genuine process.



We are here with the visa application form, please fill the form and we authorise verification to collect all the documents and send it to us, to make any necessary enquiries about information on this form.

We authorise the agency in India, providers, police or other law enforcement agencies, that holds information (including personal information) related to information on this application form and/or accompanying documentation to disclose that information to related authorities.

The visa application is the final process, you will also ask to do the medical test with GAMCA - GCC approved Medical Centers Association, after the application is through from the recognized authorities.

The fee is 265 OMR to be submitted to the CAG verification company in India, and send your application form to them after filling it, along with fee submission.  The submission should take place before 10-Jan.

Note: late submission will decline the process. We authorized CAG company to do the processing ASAP.

Thanks & Regards,
Operation Head


Hi zedeffect,

If you have read all the above posts, you would not even ask for assistance to ascertain if the offer is genuine, or not.

If money has to be paid for a job before joining, you can rest assured that you are being scammed.

thanks BIG BROTHER.. :dumbom:

In a greed of money please don't put yourself in trouble, They never charge money in advance and if someone is asking in advance you muct be very careful- Good Luck

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