Someone was telling me that Morelia is a very nice city with a pleasant climate.  Can anyone fill me in on living there?

I have visited there, as well as Patzcuaro.  Liked both places, but it was several years ago. I dunno... Sorry to say Morelia is now on my no-go list. Cartel stuff. Don't know that it's such a safe place anymore. Would like to hear some opinions from people living there now.

I am in Morelia now for two weeks and find it a to be a lovely city. I am just visiting, of course, and am only familiar with the 20-block area around the historic center. I feel very safe here and find the people very welcoming. It is too cold for me (32F this morning) to consider a long term stay since but I would certainly encourage people to visit if you enjoy history and love good food. If you need a big community of expats, you may wish to go elsewhere. I have seen two Americans in a week here and they are traveling. Would give anything to have company for the Viking-Eagles football game!

thanks for your report.  I wonder if the temperature is common for this time of year or just a cold snap

I think this is normal. I found the same night temps in SMA and Guanajuato. I am from Minnesota but even for me it is too cold with no central heat. The days are absulutely beautiful though. I am headed to Puebla and then Oaxaca and hope nights are warmer.

Thecolorguy :

thanks for your report.  I wonder if the temperature is common for this time of year or just a cold snap

It's elevated, so yes that is normal, yet it is even cooler than last year in Campeche, and I'm sure it will be cool in Puebla and areas in the vicinity.

I was in Morelia yesterday and its a nice city, but in terms of look and feel, Guanajuato and SMA are far nicer. And they are all really cold at night as is Mex city where I am now. I have felt totally safe walking around at night in every place i've been so far.

I recently returned from Morelia 4 weeks ago and I found it to be a wonderful city especially the Centro Historico. Great weather, friendly people. I hope to move there very soon.

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