Can I stay in Indo if I marry my Indo girlfriend

Can anybody tell me if I would be allowed to stay in Indo if I marry my Indonesian girlfriend and would I be permitted to work there once married

Marriage to an Indonesian is a pretty much guaranteed KITAS temporary stay permit but they may (if they want) ask for proof you can  pay your way.

I was never asked but that was the old days and I'm assured the rules are changing these days. Hopefully other posters with up to date experience can add to that.

Work requires a work permit but those things can be hard work to get, more so on Bali.

Marrying her will entitle you to apply for a KITAS which is a one year temporary stay permit and that will entitle you to do casual work such as from home or to assist your wife in her business. But it doesn't entitle you to work full time. A work permit is separate and you'd need to have that for a full time job or even a part time job where you are paid.

I'm going to have to check this but, unless things have changed since I attended the socialisation meeting, only KITAP holders are allowed casual work.
KITAS holders (unless UU6/2011 has been changed) are NOT allowed to work, even informally.

Pasal 61
Pemegang Izin Tinggal terbatas sebagaimana dimaksud
dalam Pasal 52 huruf e dan huruf f dan pemegang Izin
Tinggal Tetap sebagaimana dimaksud dalam Pasal 54 ayat
(1) huruf b dan huruf d dapat melakukan pekerjaan
dan/atau usaha untuk memenuhi kebutuhan hidup
dan/atau keluarganya.

That mentions permanent stay, not temporary stay.

However, as long as you inform immigration AND they agree, no action will be taken against you. That usually covers things like informal visits to schools for free (But they always give 'transport' money).
One issue for the OP, Bali tends to be a little more rigid as so many people try to work illegally there so be extremely careful and, if immigration say "no", that absolutely means NO.

Working behind the scenes in 'your wife's' business will normally be ignored unless you upset someone.

A KITAP is available (with conditions) after two years of marriage and 2 KITAS to show immigration.

Scan every document and keep copies on your phone and computer; you never now when you'll need them.

There may be a requirement to show financial ability from new wife with immigration asking a minimum of 18 million in the bank for the first year spousal visa and I have heard this increases to 25 for the second.

She will also need to get permission letters from the street head and or area/local head. This may depend however on the individual immigration department, however as we don't know where in Indonesia you are planning to settle our advice is aimed more at Jakarta and surrounding areas.

I would suggest your gf visit her local immigration office and makes enquiries as to what, when, why, where and how much so you have all the facts to start with as if you have one piece of paper missing or it's not in colour or something that isn't liked then the process stalls and it has to happen all over again.

The poster mentioned an interest in Bali in another thread, that likely making things harder if he intends to work.

Both KITAS and KITAP holders are both allowed to do casual work for the purpose of supporting their family. Working in a wife's business is absolutely allowed officially, and casual work from home such as teaching English or teaching music is also allowed.

The KITAS says no work in big capital letters on the documentation. No- you won’t kegally be able to support your family through work casual or otherwise. Note I choose my words carefully—- whether the rules are enforced or not is up the local agencies. Recent news articles indicate that Jakarta, Batam, Bogor and Bandung are know hotspots for immigration checks. If you’re caught working you will undoubtedly be detained and deported. I’m aware of the loose definitions of work and income however the KITAS document leaves no doubt in big capital letters. You need an IMTA to work which is from your employer sponsor not your wife. A work permit and a KITAS are different entities issued by different ministries.

Last visit to immigration I was told that casual "working to assist the family" applied to both KITAS and KITAP. That obviously means not working for a company or earning a regular salary. I understood that it meant you can work from home and get paid such as teaching English. Obviously would need to declare income. Or assisting your wife's business, unpaid of course.

Dave, do you know if the regulation changed recently?

I can only quote my latest KITAS which is emboldened in big letters “TIDAK BERKERJA”. If immigrasi would put there advice in writing on their letterhead and have it notarized I would support you 100%. Laws can be grey here. I do understand your query though. I previously had an IMTA with Freeport but now work in Ghana on fly in fly out basis as finding another another sponsor for work was near impossible (IMTA) and immigrasi advised me not to work or generate income in Indonesia in any way, shape or form.  If they support you in writing and approve your support role- I say go for it 😬

The guy that I spoke with was the supervisor of the front desk immigration staff who interviewed us. He is the one who told us we can do casual work to support the family with both KITAP and KITAS but not to work for a company or have a contract or get a regular salary. I mean he volunteered this information, we didn't ask him about it. He specifically said that I am allowed to do some casual work such as from home to support my family. That info was from about 4 months ago.

Of course with both KITAS and KITAP you are not allowed to work. But you are permitted with both to work from home or assist the local spouse in their business. I don't know if you need an IMTA for say teaching English from your home, but I'm told you should declare the income, not that I imagine many people would.

I can definitely vouch immigration and other agencies are continuously doing checks for over stay, working etc in Batam also Indonesian for incorrect or not up to date ID or for not carrying ID, here it’s been confirmed for expats can for example carry a photo on your phone of ID, KITAS etc visitors can carry copy of passport and entrance stamp
I can only say for here and not other locations, as with many countries it’s a requirement to carry ID at all times as in Indonesia

Hi Luke, Thank you for the helpful info. I've spoken to Eka regarding location and she insists that she would like to remain in Blitar. From experience I know there seems to be little interest in learning English in that area, that said, I was invited to spend a few hours at one of the local international schools a couple of years ago and the welcome I received from all staff and students made me feel like a world famous rock star, a very humbling experience and one that made me want to give each and every one of those kids a chance of a better life

Thank you all for the fantastic support and assistance, I'm so pleased that I joined this group. I'm sure there'll be plenty more questions in the near future :-) You guys are awesome.

Yes indeed.   She will become your kitas sponsor.  As far as work sponsorship... Different process....  Employer would sponsor you.   If your wife owned her own business then you would have it easy.....  Lastly most employers won't hire you without a Kitas

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