Breach of contract

Hello can i ask advice regarding my case. I am working here in ksa for 2 months, dec 26 i already passed my resignation letter breach of contract because my father wants me to go home because he is sick. They said the DON will only approve my letter if there is a replacement coming from my agency, what will i do since now there is no replacement, i am so depressed  i cant focus on my duties so ive decided not to attend to my duties, i really need to go home i am still on provisionary period why cant they just approve my letter? Pls help me.

hello.. can i ask if how many should i pay to my employer... ? im 8 months work in jeddah as domestic helper... i want to go home because im sick.... bt my employer ask mi 1i k riyal and for my plaine ticket... i cant not afford it... what can i do?...

Guys... Contact your embassies. Each embassy has specialised team of professionals to resolve such cases

Since you have resigned during the provisionary period, you can leave the job immediately, even without a notice period. If the agency had promised the employer to provide a replacement then it's their responsibility, not yours. So please try to resolve this with your agency. Furthermore, please re-read your contract and make sure you fully understand your rights and obligations.Finally, as one of the gentlemen has suggested you may contact your embassy.

Good luck.

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