Family immigration to new Zealand

Please help me to take the right decision ..

I want to immigrate into New Zealand alone or with my family ..

I have 37 years old and need to sharing me your experience in New Zealand

Hi Magdy777,

please note that i have moved your topic to the New Zealand forum since you are looking for information about this destination.

Make sure you read the articles of the Living in New Zealand guide so that you may gather a maximum informations and read the different topics of the forum, one of them is this : What to expect when moving to New Zealand

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Hi Bhavna,

Thanks so much for you ..

Are you stay in New Zealand now ?


Bhavna is a forum administrator and is not living in NZ.

Hi Stumpy ,

Hope you are live in New Zealand ...

I'm working as Admin. officer or Office Manager in Saudi Arabia and want to immigrate into New Zealand .

Now I proceed to collect the required Docs here for Family visa .

Can you mention the facilities given for family visa ?

Hi Magdy,
The first step is to check your eligibility. Visit the immigration new Zealand web and get a self-assessment done for yourself whether you're eligible to get a residency/work visa or not.

Once your initial assessment is done and if it gives you an affirmative result, then you could certainly apply for the residence permit/work visa or whatsoever.

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