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Which International school in St. Petersburg would you recommend for a 13 year old boy?
Looking for good academic level, good mix of nationalities and preferably extracurricular sports and arts. Your experiences with CIS, Anglo American or the International Academy are most welcome! We are an expat family of 4 children who have attended high schools in several countries.
Thank you and looking forward to get in touch with other expat families in St. Petersburg.


My son used to go to AAS. Of course, there were drawbacks but, generally, I was satisfied.
Before he had been to international schools abroad and some local schools.

Hi, Really struggling to confirm if there are NO schools in St.Petersburg that offer British Curriculum for Year 12 /13 (A Level).   Plenty in Moscow, but cant seem to find anything in St. Petes. Anyone help on this???

Hi, you are correct. C

Hi, correct. Cambridge International School Russia only goes up to 13 years old in St. Petersburg 😐.

Cambridge International School now goes up to age 17. My neighbor is a teacher there. She says that all the teachers are qualified, mostly from the UK and has the full Cambridge Programme. She speaks very highly of it and is excited that they are moving to a new building in the new year.They have a waiting list for many classes.

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