Can I make a friend in Holland?

Dear all,

I am planning a short weekend holiday trip to holland and would be grateful if I get the best of price for a safe hostel in the city center and make a friend for guidance in my few days stay.

I would like to also know how expensive it cost for a return train to Brussels from holland.

Thank you.

You might want to mention which town exactly in the Netherlands you plan on staying.  Finding a 'safe' hostel won't be a problem, it's a safe country overall.   There are many travel sites online that can show you prices and offers.

Train info and prices you can also find on Google, or

Romaniac Experts Team

Thank you Romaniac,
I only know that my flight will arrive through schipol and don't know which city that is.

I really don't know which city or place is best for holiday maker although I may not be bothered into going to parks, I love seeing city structures and looks of the streets.

So my best will be to visit a city with beautiful looks and architecture.


Well, you'll be arriving in Amsterdam, where the central downtown station can be reached from Schiphol airport by a 20 minute train ride.  It's a quite nice city to walk around.

Thank you so much again.

Your pep talk is reassuring.

Best regards

Thank you once again Romanian, that's me arrived Amsterdam safely today.
I was able to get the train from the Airpot to Amsterdam- leylaan for my hotel.

Base on your advice I could take the tram to the city center to enjoy snacks at Burger King and a bottle of Heineken.

Thank you, am enjoying it.

Have fun & enjoy Amsterdam

Thank you pal.
I had ran thru Amsterdam leylaan to De Haag centraal, had so much fun at the beach using Tram 9 down

The people are lovely nice guide, approachable and attentive at any inquiry.

I think 85% of people here speaks English; that too was great.

Hope to do more tomorrow.

Take care pal.

Here two dutch words to describe the people there

Vriendelijk Mensen

I wish you a great stay at the netherlands and great memories of it

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