Job transfer in Saudi

Hello guys, right now I'm working as safety engineer in a reputed company, 1day before I got a offer from another company but my new employer asking me to take transfer.

1. If company give transfer to employee is there any problem to company from Saudi govt ? and why employers not willing to transfer.
2. I have good benefits (money) with present employer. if I leave that benefits does my company give transfer or not ?

OK, let me try to give you the answers to the best of my knowledge.
1. You can get transfer from existing employer A to new employer B as long as A allows you to take transfer. This will not be possible if you came on employer A's visa. Sometimes A will let you transfer after paying some amount as per their discretion. Also you should have completed your contract.I don't think KSA govt has any issues.
2. Your benefits will be given to you if you meet the End of Service Benefits (ESOB) criteria and complete the contract. This is also a gamble, maybe employer A will ask to forfeit this amount in order for transfer permission.
The whole game is in the hands of the first employer.

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