Car Hire

We are in Portugal for 6 weeks over the summer (we have a house near Peniche). Is there anyone who might be willing to rent a spare/2nd car to us across July and August? Don't like the thought of paying the going rate at the airport...

I understand your standpoint on which you don't want to pay for that much getting a car from the airport for surcharges or taxes. In my experience, however, I don't think there would be anyone willing to lend or rent their car to sb else because there are lots of uncertainties during the time the car's being operated by people other than its owner.

Let's think of this. If an accident occurred while you're driving and you're not the car owner, you will be a trouble handling paperwork and insurance stuff. And if you were to lend your car to others, would you feel safe? I think renting a car from a car rental company will be the best option as you are at least waived to pay for any damages to the car as the law puts it mandatory.

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