Long term stay in Mauritius

Hi all :-)
Wanted to try and find out what would be required to stay longer than the 60 days visa allowance? If myself and kids wanted to stay for 6-8 months or so? What do I need to apply for or what are the requirements for this?
Many thanks for any advice/info

Hi,you will need to prove that you have enough money to stay here. Authorities ask for 3000 USD per adult person to be shown ( if you want stay 2 more month it will be 6000 USD). And  as well you need to prove that you have place where to live. For correct information you need to visit office in Sterling Building (Port Louis ,BOI office) .


For a stay longer than the elementary visitor duration allowed, you will need a resident permit.

Several avenues for this like buying a minimum $500,000 property via a scheme where foreign ownership is allowed, investing money, getting a job as a 'Professional' or setting up an activity as a self-employed.

All with specific sets of requirements and conditions.

You can extend up to 6 months only.

needs to be done in person

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