Long term Stay from May

Hi, I am off to Australia to see my son in April. I am planning to come to Da Nang mid to late May and stay some time. How long I dont know, I have no plans no commitments and no restrictions. Just a hankering to unwind and just enjoy this city. I certainly plan to stay at least 3 months but it could be much longer. I have a couple of questions about accomodation. I plan to stay in a hotel to start but want to find an apartment, best way to go about it? Also it would be nice to meet some people who are already living in the city to get a real feel of how to get the best from my stay.
Kind regards

Dear SteveWright !
i'm Da Nang people, welcome to Da Nang city
If you find apartment , you can find in classifield in Expat.com on Housing button or real estate agency
you can surf facebook and join page about accommodation for expat
Hope you soon find a good choice.

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