Hello guys,

Having a problems with the company that I applied for a job. After, I signed a contract and agreed with everything. They changed my joining date for 3 times.

I would like to know what can I do about this because until now they still don't confirm a joining date to me yet which I'm so worried (they said they cannot cancel or reject my visa)

* they always told me it was delay because of the Mdec system changed. But another company can sent the candidates to work on time without any problems*

**I was informed that if I want to cancel, I have to pay them for visa fees also**

***I've sent my documents to them since October,2017***

And for Employment pass, how long does it usually takes?

Thank you very much:)

It should only take one month to get a Professional Pass approval and they would then provide you with the Approval Letter, so you can get your visa with reference. You don't say whether you are getting a Professional EP or a Foreign Worker EP. the FW EP can take 3 months and includes a medical. MDEC only deal with IT jobs

Here is their website announcement about process change and the costs involved: https://expats.com.my/expats/expats-new … -services/

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