Exit Visa for Dependent

i just want to ask if anyone have knowledge on how to process dependent exit visa she is using travel document as her passport she is a baby and my husband is not here. i already registered her in nasseriya. thank you😊

dependent final exit can be done through absher portal. she has to login MOI portal by using her husband's credentials.

my husband is not here. she is my dependent. thank you

Dear Jessie, you can issue her final exit through abshar portal. Please login to moi.gov.sa , goto dependent services, click on issue final exit visa and you will be done in 2,3 steps only by clicking next buttons.

Hi, I got final exit msg from jawazat and I checked on moi it shows visa status Final but when I checked in MOL it shows still on job. My flight is within a week and my family is with me. Please help me I am very worried. My kafeel said he has processed khurooj and I have got msg from jawazat too.

If it is showing as final on MOI. then no need to worry. You will be exit by immigration.

Create you Absher account in MOI.GOV.SA if you don't have one yet. Once logged in, you will be able to have access in managing the visas of your dependents.

Hi Jessie, did you manage to solve your issue?

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