I need help please.
I got my Sweden permanent residence in 2009 and I travelled down to Sweden and I stayed for just 6months. I later left the country to further my studies in Nigeria. last year 2017, I rounded up my degree and I bought a ticket to Sweden, but I was stopped at the port of entry, I was told my permanent residence has been withdrawn since 2011... please am confused now, I don't know what to do.. And moreover SKATTEVERKET JUST SENT ME MY PERSONNUMMER few weeks ago after I ordered for it... Am still on the skatteverket system, but I don't have a valid permit to enter Sweden...

Well, Migrationsverket and Skatteverket are different entities. The former controls the immigrations and the latter taxation and they are for most part independent of each other.
Having person number just means that you are registered for tax purposes since you got a person number when you were here. So, incase you have some property or business that you can remote manage or sell, then you come under the tax umbrella but you dont necessarily need to be a resident.
As per PR or PUT rules, you must be resident in the country for most part of the 5 years they stipulate in their website else they will terminate it.

Anyways, best to re-apply for resident permit and hope they give you your PR back. :)


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